Delivered Secure
Delivered Secure is a hosted enterprise file transfer system for banks, credit unions, and businesses.

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Automatic File Purging

Protect your data and free up space. Delivered Secure will automatically delete old files based on your schedule.

Customizable UI

We can customize the skin of your Delivered Secure instance to match the look of your website for seamless branding.

Read Receipts

Delivered Secure will let you know exactly when a recipeint opens the file. You'll have proof that your recipient read the message.

Drop Offs

Create a temporary Drop Off for unregistered users to securely send files.

Group Sending

Sending 1 file to 1 person is as simple as sending 20 files to 20 people.

Message Recall

Accidently send a file to the wrong recipient? Simply recall the message before your recipient picks it up and crisis averted.

Multifactor Auth

Double up on security by having a unique code sent to your mobile device each time you login.

Registered Users

Registering frequent users increases security and makes sending even simpler.

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Delivered Secure File Exchange Overview

Delivered Secure file exchange will encrypt all of your data, log all activity related to your recipients and send you an email notification when your recipients pick up your files. Built by a team of online banking engineers, Delivered Secure meets the secure managed file transfer needs of banks, credit unions, hospitals, military, and business users around the globe.

Delivered Secure file exchange works similar to email:

  1. Choose recipients
  2. Enter a subject and message
  3. Attach your files and send

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