Delivered Secure
Delivered Secure is a hosted enterprise file transfer system for banks, credit unions, and businesses.


Delivered Secure Offers Unparalleled Security for Safe File Exchange

To help companies comply with safe data handling best practices and GDPR requirements, Delivered Secure employs at-rest data encryption, SSL, configurable automated data retention, and strict data privacy policies

High Strength Encryption

Delivered Secure uses strong AES encryption to protect all sensitive messages and data stored within the system, and strong TLS encryption for protecting data while it's being exchanged between your device and the Delivered Secure servers.

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Automatic Data Purging

Delivered Secure has the ability to automatically and permanently destroy the data that you send or receive and you're in control of the timing. Using the SecureShred setting in the app, you can choose how many days data will remain stored inside the system. Once a message and its attachments have reached that thresshold, our system permanently destroys that data.

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SSAE 18 Audited Hosting

The Delivered Secure systems reside inside of SSAE 18 audited data centers to provide assurance that proper physical and logical security controls are in place to ensure the integrity of your data and mitigate the risk of data theft.

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Trusted Storage

Most file sharing services use third-parties to storage your data, sending it off to cloud storage devices all over the world – not Delivered Secure. The Delivered Secure systems use storage systems housed in our data centers, owned by us, so we know exactly where your data is at all times. This is one of the unique aspects of Delivered Secure that you cannot find in most other file sharing services.

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A Company You Can Trust

The team behind Delivered Secure has been planning, programming, and managing online banking systems and other high security applications for nearly 20 years. We know first hand the unique security challenges banks, credit unions, and other organizations face today when trying to protect organizational and customer data. We're humble, genuine developers and engineers with a single goal -- to empower you with technology and education to keep data safe.

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