Delivered Secure
Delivered Secure is a hosted enterprise file transfer system for banks, credit unions, and businesses.

CPAs Need to Protect Client Data
by Jason Sherrill

Certified Public Accountants handle enormous amounts of sensitive data when working with their business and individual clients, but many CPAs are not aware of the risk that they're subjecting their clients to when they send or receive documents through many common sharing methods today. Continue reading

Four Common Data Sharing Methods that Provide a False Sense of Security
by Jason Sherrill

Security gets a lot of attention in business today, but there are still some common practices that provide people with a false sense of safety when sharing sensitive data and files with others. Review these practices and make sure that everyone in your organization knows that these practices are dangerous and should not be used. Continue reading

Why We Created Delivered Secure and Why You Should Use It
by Jason Sherrill

InetSolution started life developing online banking systems and software for financial institutions over 13 years ago. Our work required that our clients send us highly sensitive data. It was not uncommon for us to receive files containing thousands of bank account numbers, customer names and social security numbers. One common method our clients used to send us data was to password protect a zip file and then send one email with the zip attachment and a second email with the password. A… Continue reading

5 Creative Ways People are Using Delivered Secure
by Jason Sherrill

Secure File Exchange is one of those apps that we just love to work on because there are so many creative ways our customer's using it. So, we figured we would share a few. Continue reading

Why Delivered Secure Reports the IP Address and UserAgent String of Recipients
by Jason Sherrill

A Delivered Secure user recently asked what the External IP Address and Browser UserAgent String values are that we provided in an email notification when someone picks up a file you’ve sent. These two pieces of information help to form an audit trail and provide the sender of the secure message a level of validation that that person who received the files is intended recipient. Are there any security risks associated with highlighting this already public information? Let’s e… Continue reading