Delivered Secure
Delivered Secure is a hosted enterprise file transfer system for banks, credit unions, and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my recipients send files back to me without paying for their own account?

Yes. Your users can send files back to you with the account you create for them. They do not need to pay for a subscription of their own to send files to you.

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Do my recipients have to register for an account to receive files from me?

No way. You can send files to anyone by using the One-Time Recipient feature. This will generate a single-use pass code that you can provide to the recipient to download the files you send. You can even send the pass code to your recipients via an SMS text message from inside Delivered Secure file exchange. Cool, eh?

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Can Delivered Secure file exchange automatically delete files after a recipient downloads them?

Yes. Administrators can configure how many days files will remain in Delivered Secure file exchange before DS automatically purges them. The default setting is 30 days.

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How will recipients know when they have received files sent through Delivered Secure file exchange?

Delivered Secure will send an email notification to each recipient. The email will include a link to logon and download the files.

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What personalization options does Delivered Secure file exchange offer for custom branding?

  • Personalized URL: All plans allow for a custom sub-domain, such as
  • Custom URL: Some plans offer a fully custom URL such as
  • Custom branding: Our professional designers can create a custom header, footer and CSS to make your Delivered Secure file exchange instance match your website or any custom style guidelines you'd like. See for an example.

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Is there any restriction on the types of files that I can send through Delivered Secure file exchang

No. Delivered Secure file exchange does not impose any limits on the types files that you may send. SFX is ideal for bypassing email attachment type & size restrictions common in many corporate email systems.

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What is a User?

For licensing purposes, a User is a person who has been granted a username and password to login to Delivered Secure. Typically Users will be employees of your organization.

If you are simply using Delivered Secure to create a Drop Off so people outside of your company can upload sensitive documents to your employees, these people outside of your organization do not require a user license.

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