Delivered Secure
Delivered Secure is a hosted enterprise file transfer system for banks, credit unions, and businesses.

Banks and Credit Unions

How Banks and Credit Unions Use Delivered Secure To Share Files

Banks frequently need to share sensitive documents with customers, and often need customers and vendors to securely transfer files and documents to bank employees. Banks also have both legal and fiduciary obligations to provide customers with a safe and easy to use method for secure file transfer.

Delivered Secure is an easy tool that loan officers, underwriters, wealth management advisors, and relationship specalists can use to send and receive private documents with customers. There is no software to install, it works through any firewall, and even the most technologically challenged customers successfully use Delivered Secure every day to safely share sensitive information.

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Banks & Credit Unions

Which people at banks and credit unions are using Delivered Secure for secure file sharing and sensitive messages?

Loan officers who send or receive sensitive loan documents love it because customers can easily use it, which means loans close faster and customers are happier.

Legal and Compliance departments who need to ensure that documents are kept confidential when working with regulators, outside legal counsel, or business partners.


I.T. departments who need a safe way to share logon credentials, sensitive data exports, license keys, and other information that needs to be closely guarded, but safely communicated.

Executive teams who need to share information in a private manner with their Board of Directors, one another, outside counsel, and regulatory agencies.


ACH & wire transfer agents who need to request instructions from customers that include sensitive data like account numbers.

Customer service agents who need a secure file transfer method to send and receive sensitive information between the bank and its customers.

Why do banks and credit unions use Delivered Secure for secure file transfer?

Email, FTP, DropBox, and most common file sharing services create prime opportunities for hackers, disgruntled employees, and malware to easily steal sensitive data sent or received through those mediums. In most cases, the data sent through those mediums is not encrypted and one copy of a file will often be duplicated on numerous devices, such as phones, tablets, archiving servers, backups, and insecure cloud storage locations. Sending just one file by email can result in 10 or more copies of that email and its attachments, most of which will reside in insecure locations. Delivered Secure eliminates all of those risks.

We Make Due Diligence Easy

We work with hundreds of financial instutitons, so we fully understand the due diligence requirements that banks and credit unions must perform for critical vendors. We have a complete due diligence package available for all financial institutions who wish to consider using Delivered Secure.

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