Delivered Secure
Delivered Secure is a hosted enterprise file transfer system for banks, credit unions, and businesses.

Lawyers and Law Firms

Secure File Sharing for Law Firms - How Lawyers Use Delivered Secure

Lawyers handle sensitive information daily and have an obligation to protect that information from being stolen or accidentally exposed through careless storage or data transmission methods, such as email, insecure file sharing systems, or storing data on unprotected devices, such as cell phone or notebook computer inboxes. Lawyers avoid the embarrassment, costs, and potential legal issues for losing customer data by employing Delivered Secure to replace email and insecure file sharing systems for sending and receiving secure messages.

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Banks & Credit Unions

Tasks that lawyers and law firms complete using Delivered Secure file exchange

Sending contracts to other lawyers inside and outside of their own firms

Sending sensitive messages and files to personal and business clients


Receiving sensitive data from anyone outside the firm by using Delivered Secure Drop Offs

Using Delivery Confirmation to prove that recipients received and opened secure messages


Send or receive large files that exceed email attachment size limits, even when those messages or files are not sensitive

Exchange messages that need to be automatically and permanently deleted after a predetermined time period