Delivered Secure
Delivered Secure is a hosted enterprise file transfer system for banks, credit unions, and businesses.

Mortgage Companies

How Mortgage Companies Use Delivered Secure for Document Transfer

Loan officers, closing departments, and title companies exchange a huge number of documents with borrowers and each other during the mortgage loan process. Rather than relying on email, which is terribly insecure, or unsafe file sharing services like DropBox, mortgage professionals can use Delivered Secure to easily share documents with borrowers and each other.

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Mortgage Companies

Which people at banks and credit unions are using Delivered Secure for SSAE 18 hosted secure messaging and file transfer?

Loan officers who need to send or receive sensitive documents love it because customers can easily use it, which means loans close faster and customers are happier.

Closing departments who need to receive documents from appraisers, title companies, government entities, banks, and other outside parties to help exedite the loan closing process.


Title Agents who want to help exedite the loan closing process use Delivered Secure to receive closing packages, send title work, and exchange documents securely with financial institutions.

I.T. departments who need to share sensitive passwords, files, and other information with employees who are on the road or in remote offices.

Why do mortgage companies need Delivered Secure?

Email, FTP, DropBox, and most common file sharing services create prime opportunities for hackers, disgruntled employees, and malware to easily steal sensitive data sent or received through those mediums. In most cases, the data sent through those mediums is not encrypted and one copy of a file will often be duplicated on numerous devices, such as phones, tablets, archiving servers, backups, and insecure cloud storage locations. Sending just one file by email can result in 10 or more copies of that email and its attachments, most of which will reside in insecure locations. Delivered Secure eliminates all of those risks.

We Make Due Diligence Easy

We work with hundreds of financial instutitons so we fully understand the due diligence requirements that banks and credit unions must perform for critical vendors. We have a complete due diligence package available for all financial institutions who wish to consider using Delivered Secure.

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